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The alphabetical ar- rangement having been made as a ground work, and copies printed for our use in future operations, we will be abfe to move with great- er facility, and more scientifically fn succeediftg editions After taking the citizens' names, we gave an invitation to such as iiad moved, changed or commenced business,, during the pro- cess, to furnish us with theii^ address, and those who availed them- selves of the invitation we noted. o ft cannot with justice blame us if their present add'res.'* is not correct- We have a book with suitable margin m which we will record alt lemovals, mis-spelling or inaccuracies furnished us, and soricit our friends and fellow citizens to favor us with such corrections as con- cern them individually. It is beautifully situated on an arm of the Patap- sco river, called the Basin, and at the head of the noble Chesapeake Bay.

If this" be generally attended to, we will at a suitable time issue ihem in a supplement for their accommodation^ RICHARD J. No city in the Union possesses superior advantages, either in situation or central proximity to all the interior Western country.

AN ALPHABETICAL ARRANGEMENT OFTHE SUBSCRIBERS UNDER THEIR RESPECTIVE BUSINESS HEADS, A BUSINESS DIEECTOR, WITH AN APPENDII, CONTAINING THE CITY GOVERNMENT, LIST OF CITY OFFICERS, BANKS, AND DIRECTORS, CHURCHES AND MINISTERS, MEDICAL AND LITERARY INSTITUTIONS, PUBLIC CONVEY- ANCES, AND OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION, BALTIMORE: PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY R. MATCHETT, CORNER PRATT AND GAV STREETS, — UP STAIRS. Ca^-^ ^'"^ The Patrons ef the Baltimore MPirecto Ty , And the general public, will find in this edition, for 1849 '50, a more extensive number of householders than the City ever contain- ed by about FOUR THOUSAND. This tedious process,with other arrange- ments, made with a view of facilitating his operations in future has necessarily delayed the publication to this time, (April.) In reducing such a huge mass of matter as that of the names, business, and loca- tion of 25000 householders, (we are not so curious as to be exact, but are not much under or over,) to this classification the publisher thinks himself entitled to some degree of allowance in the first at- tempt, should some inacuracies have grown out of the circumstances, which will be accorded to him by the reasonable and just. V MATCHETT'S BALTIMOEE DIRECTOR J FOR 1849 '50; CONTAINING THE NAMES, DWELLINGS AND OCCUPATIONS OF THE HOUSEHOLDERS, AN ENGRAVED MAP OF THE CITY, WITH REFERENCES DKSl«NATINa THE WARDS AND PUBLIC BUILDINGS ; DIRECTIONS FOR FINDING THE Qtxcct Q, £ane0, ^mnm Q, Bqnaxc% toljaroes, ^c. By thus classifying the names Abrahaln, Brutus, Charles, David, John, Wm., Xeno- phon, &c., the reader will be able at a comparative glance, to find Wm. The publisher has personally made this, at least laborious, and tedious, classification, which has never before been attempted in Baltimore, and he thinks he can say without vanity, he alone can estimate the intricate performance, however lightly, really or aflfec- tedly others may judge of it. without going over 3 or 4, 5 or 6 pages in some instances, (if his patience is adequate) and per- haps find it the last of the list, if he does not overlook it in the mass, or in his hurry, and charge the compiler with carelessness or incompe- tence. Much of our exports have been the growth of our own or neighboring States, including the luxuries, as Well as the necessities of life. Not a few of the noble, yet famished population of Ireland, will have cause to remember our products and our liberality.

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