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Recognizing when we have achieved grid parity is not easy. The most important factors are cost of solar equipment, the interest rate and the cost of grid power.

The faster the utilities raise rates the faster we get to grid parity and for better or worse the rates in Ontario continue to escalate at a frightening rate.

On the world market there may have been some price reductions but here in Ontario where we have to buy things with CDN dollars that's not the case. Unfortunately like everything else in the energy sector, politics plays a huge role.

They do a good job hiding this behind time-of-use metering and smart meters but the fact is that the rates have escalated year over year by about 10.5%.

If you try to charge a 12V battery, you will be getting less than 100w to the battery. In the heat of summer a regular panel is putting out about 26V which is not enough voltage to properly charge a 24V battery.

Two of these 100W panels together or a 72 cell is what you would require.

You can join the tens of thousands of people in Ontario that generate their own power using solar.

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