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Izmir has stunning natural beauty combined with a modern lively city which makes it a...

Read More Troy is an archaeological site where the legendary Trojan War took place.

Read More Aspendos was originally an ancient Greek city before being taken over by the Romans; it is located 47 km from modern Antalya.

Apart from the impressive theatre, there is not much left of the city due...

The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) had been projected to win over many disaffected voters from the AKP.

Its share of the vote increased, and the party won 80 seats with 16.3% of the vote.

The new Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) decided to contest the election as a party rather than fielding candidates as independents, despite concerns that it could have fallen below the 10% election threshold and lose all representation in Parliament.

Set high in a steep mountain setting (24 miles and one hour) north of the popular...

Read More Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city, located along the Aegean Sea region with a population of 3.354.93.

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