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Copenhagen was founded by the Danish bishop Absalon in 1167 - who built a little fortress on a small isle called “Slotsholmen” outside of the growing town named (København) - and inhabited at the present with over 1.8 million citizens - including the urban areas of Copenhagen.

The Danish capital is also an international metropolis with the biggest airport and cruise terminals in Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

- who was the mastermind of expanding the great earthwork fortification “Danevirke” - built by Viking King Gudfred around 800 A.

C.- which was a defence system to protect the Danes from southern German invasion - and later became a powerful national symbol for Denmark during 1800s and 1900s - uniting the Danish people and strengthening their Danish Cultural Heritage.

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The smallest and oldest runic stone mentions the name “Denmark” (".(Public and festive events) National Anthem: Kong Christian stod ved højen mast. This large over ten tons heavy stone has an inscription that praises himself as King Harald .(Royal and official occasions) Population: 5,6 million. On the same 2.5 metre high runic stone is also carved the oldest illustration of Christ - ever discovered or known in the Nordic countries.The Protestant Reformation was introduced in Denmark by the Danish Monarch King Christian III (1503- 1559 - King of Denmark and Norway 1534-1559) in 1536 - and fortunately for the Danes - the Evangelical Lutheran Church became the National State Church of Denmark - and since continued to form and confirm the Danes cultural background - historical heritage - and native legacy.State Church & State Religion Denmark is one of the few nations in the world that have a State Church and a State Religion - which all Danes are born into after birth - as all Danes are considered Christian and routinely belonging to the National Evangelical Lutheran Danish Church - but everyone can freely leave the State Church and the Danish State Religion at any time - in accordance to the Freedom of Religion act - described in the Danish Constitution of 1849.

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