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And I think the rhyming schemes of the lyrics very much contribute to a romantic sound.My favorite records were made in the 1970s, from Led Zeppelin to John Cale to David Bowie to Van Morrison.When readers are looking to read his biography in wikis and other websites, Instagram would have been his personal diary that people could read from.Style section, Teddy Wayne interviewed a variety of professionals on how social media has become their primary mode of communication.EF: I wanted to write an album very much in the tradition of '70s singer-songwriter albums, very warm in tone and feeling, but I didn't want the songs to be topical.I wanted them to be about personal connections we make, most specifically, through music.I've never seen so much live music as I did back then.

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An English musician whose talents also comprise of his singing and writing skills, he is none other than Alex Kapranos.

And we're having a lot of fun, on and off stage.

I'm probably having more fun playing music now than I ever have, and I really hope that comes across. I still have very close friends here, and my dad lives here.

I'm not embarrassed to say I love the sound of an Elton John record or I love the sound of a Carole King record.

That's my taste." In advance of her Austin show, we had the chance to ask Eleanor a few rapid fire questions of our own, wherein we learned a bit more about her craft, her nights spent at Emo's as a student at UT, and one other interesting tidbit she's not willing to share.

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